Men Prefer “The Girl Next Door” Look Men Prefer

The average girl-next-door, right, with the ‘average’ shape is what men are looking for according to a new study

It is a finding that will quicken the hearts of size 14 women everywhere – gentlemen prefer Miss Average.

Men find the average shape of the girl-next-door more appealing than the ‘perfect’ proportions of models and centrefolds, a study found.

Most attractive of all is Miss Average – a 5ft 4in female with a 30in waist and 40in hips who wears a size 14.

The Australian researchers asked 100 male students to rate the attractiveness of more than 200 drawings of female torsos of different sizes.

They then compared the most attractive torsos with the vital statistics of eight groups of women, including models, Playboy centrefolds and normal members of the population.

Surprisingly, the real women best matched the ideal body shape, with the best fit being a British size 14, this week’s New Scientist reports. 

Bust sizes were not taken into account.

The researchers, from the University of New South Wales, said that many modern-day celebrities may simply be too thin to be tempting.

But they cautioned that adding other factors into the mix, including bust size, could alter the result.

And German research suggests that ordinary women do not have it all their own way.

The University of Regensburg study found an hourglass figure to be more attractive than one of average proportions.

Curvy women were also judged more appealing than either athletic types or long-legged, big-chested ‘Barbies’.

Researcher Dr Martin Grundl said: ‘Why the subjects prefer this body most of all is pure speculation.

‘That is the nature of beauty – it is very easily to recognize but it is very hard to describe and to explain with words.’

Other research has found that the male perception of what makes a woman attractive changes with the economic climate.

When times are prosperous, men apparently set their sights on younger, girlish- looking women, with big eyes and softer features. 

But when the economy is in decline and social conditions are threatening, men seek solace in curvaceous women with more comforting maternal figures. 

It follows that the carefree Swinging Sixties brought with them the gamine Twiggy, the elfin Audrey Hepburn and the doe-eyed Julie Christie. 

The icons of today’s less prosperous Nineties include more mature, statuesque figures such as Nigela Lawson and Kate Winslet.

Men Prefer “The Girl Next Door” LookMen Prefer “The Girl Next Door” Look

But in a recession they go for curvaceous women with more comforting maternal figures like Kate Winslet, left and Nigella Lawson, right

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