Turn ‘Fluffy’ into a fluffy pillow!

What could be more comforting than the memories of your late pet laid to rest beneath your sleeping head? If a cherished pet’s death leaves you sleepless and missing that warm, furry embrace, then Patricia Moore of Naples, Florida, may have the answer: pillows stuffed with your pet’s ashes.

Moore started Soft-Hearted Products after she lost her own dog, Samantha. Samantha was cremated and her ashes were returned to her owner in an urn that felt cold and impersonal.

“She was always with me,” Moore said. “On my lap, on my bed, next to me. I missed that so much.”

Moore hired a local seamstress to fashion a soft pillow that held in its centre Samantha’s ashes encased in plastic. She was so satisfied with the results that she decided to extend the idea to the public in hopes that her pillows would help relieve others of the grief of losing a pet…

Moore reports she has received “a very good response” to the pillows made of soft micro fleece. Soft-Hearted Products will turn the cremains of any pet, from reptiles and rats to dogs and cats, into pillows with optional personalized embroidery. The small, secure pouch containing the actual ashes can be removed from the pillow or left safely within.

The pillows are intended to provide comfort and an alternative to other options that seem, as Moore describes them, “cold and final.” But some people seem to find the pillows equally displeasing.

Soft-Hearted Products
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