Root Beer is our favorite Zevia flavor

For many years I have been occasionally drinking diet soda, but always with a slight hesitation because I was unsure how healthy the drink ACTUALLY was. Now there is no need for that. I can whole heartedly consume a drink and know it is all natural and zero calorie. How is this possible? Stevia.

Stevia is an herb that has been used for centuries in South and Central America to sweeten food and teas. According to Zevia’s site, “ZEVIATM contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes found in diet sodas because it is sweetened with natural stevia. Diet sodas also contain artificial flavors and colors. ZEVIATM does not. With great effort, expense, and painstaking care, Zevia LLC found the healthiest, all natural ingredients available. Many “natural” sodas contain sugar which means calories. Diet sodas are usually sweetened with processed artificial sweeteners which means chemicals. ZEVIATM with stevia is the only truly all natural diet soda…”

Even though there is some controversy regarding artificial sweeteners in general, I am more inclined to think that a plant based natural sweetener is far heathier than a sweetener concocted in a laboratory. 

Zevia acquired Thrasher Beverage Corporation in 2007. Donald Thrasher and Bill Bluemer are the inventors of the US Patent pending that Zevia acquired.