Taking swimmer ear to a whole new level

If you ever swim laps, you’ll know that it can be a pretty solitary experience. Sure, there may be other people around you, but most of the time you’re just alone with your thoughts as you plow up and down the pool.

This little MP3 player called the AquaCube from Lavod could bring some relief from the tedium. Available in 2GB and 4GB versions, the waterproof AquaCube can be clipped to your goggles strap or worn like a necklace, and will play for 3 hours on a charge. Plenty, when you consider that by three hours you’ll be shriveled up like a prune anyway.

The AquaCube isn’t the first waterproof MP3 player we’ve seen, but at $59 it looks like a better effort than that clunky and expensive Speedo/iRiver job.