Military robots with guns

Robotex Inc is one of the plethora of companies out there that are working to bring intelligent weapon wielding robots to reality.  From the limited information on their website we can’t say much about whether Robotex’s robots are ever going to come to much, but perhaps these guys have a future in robotic video editing.

Check out the awesome Robotex futuristic vision of military robots with guns taking matters into their own hands in the video above.  Its a simulation, and there are holes all over this video in terms of how militant robots will actually look and act.   Most notably military robots probably won’t be humanoid looking (wheels, treads, and other designs are easier to develop and often just as useful, if not superior to humanoid design), but the video is still an awesome ride for the imagination.

Skip the first 50 seconds of slideshow at the beginning… but after that the video is well worth watching!

Via Singularity Hub