Orange Solar Tent Concept Revealed

Orange Solar Tent

Orange is really going for it with its Glastonbury sponsorship this year. As well as the power pump mobile charger, the GlastoNav mobile app and that spot the bull comp that’s ongoing, it’s unveiled the “tent of the future” concept design.

Using “cutting edge eco-energy technology”, the Orange Solar Concept Tent, created along with US company Kaleidoscope, would allow campers to power their essential camping gadgets and keep in touch.

Further to the similar concept canvas shown off in 2003, this model gets photovoltaic fabric in three “glides” that move throughout the day to capture the sun’s energy and use it to various techie ends.

Orange Solar Tent Concept Revealed

The “glo-cation” feature would see the tent glowing when the camper texts it or gets near to it (thanks to RFID), so the tent could be located in the dark, while at night a special groundsheet would provide underfloor heating.

At the heart of the Concept Tent is a central wireless control hub with a touchscreen display that provides Wi-Fi, as well as offering a wireless charging pouch with magnetic induction.

Via Pocket-lint