waterwalkerz 234123

Get your balls wet and smash em together!

Waterwalkerz let you get in touch with your inner hamster and walk on water at the same time. Once inside the plastic inflatable ball you’ll be able to walk on water for up to 30 minutes before the air runs out, although you’re likely to run out of energy well before then.

The balls are made from a class of plastics known as Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) that are elastic, transparent, offer excellent abrasion resistance, and are tough – so tough the balls can even be used on pebble beaches. Although Waterwalkerz measure 2 meters in diameter, the company claims they can be used in pools as small as 8 foot in diameter and that a 25-meter pool could easily have five or more going simultaneously.

The company suggests a 200lbs (90kg) weight limit, but they do claim to have had people over 250lbs (110kg) use the balls with no problems.

Thankfully, since you’d likely expire if you tried to blow up one of the Waterwalkerz by mouth, the company also provides a blower. Waterwalkerz are aimed at hire organizations who cater for parties, fetes, promotions and team building events.

Waterwalkerz are available for USD$710 each, including delivery to the US, or UKP£450 for UK buyers. The blowers are priced at USD$199 and UKP£99 including delivery for the US and UK respectively.

Source: Gadget Grid.