A collection of unusual and creative giant objects from all over the world. (Pics)


Giant LEGO Man
This giant 8-foot smiling Lego man was fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort.


Giant Spoon
This creative giant spoon with cherry on top is located in a park close to downtown Minneapolis.


Giant Soccer Ball
Nike likes to use giant soccer balls in their advertising campaigns.


Giant Paper Plane
A company in Seattle WA, USA has a giant paper airplane above their front door.


Giant Stuffed Animals
Giant toys and stuffed animals by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.


Giant Milk Jug
Larger than life milk jug spotted at the Metrodome stadium in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


Giant Light Bulb
Made from polyethylene, this unique lamp is in the shape of a giant light bulb.


Giant Shopping Bag
This giant bag was a part of the “Unstern. Sinistre. Disastro” art exhibition in Germany.


Giant Razor
BIC used a giant razor and cut grass to advertise their products.


Giant Cigarette
Keep Britain Tidy workers installed a giant cigarette butt in London to highlight the fact that cigarette related litter affects 78 percent of streets in the UK.


Giant Shoe
Creative billboard advertisement for Woodland Shoes.


Giant Coffee Mug
Mug for people that can’t get enough of their morning coffee or tea.


Giant Tire
Titan tractor tire spotter at the SEMA 2008 auto show.


Giant Fork
Metal sculpture peaking out of Lac Léman in front of the Alimentarium Museum in Vevey, Switzerland.


Giant Fried Eggs
Several large eggs were spread in Leeuwarden, Netherlands by Henk Hofstra as a part of his environmental art project, titled “Art Eggcident”.


Giant Beach Items
These giant objects were commissioned by the Province of Rimini.


Giant Picnic Basket
Creative building in Newark, Ohio, USA looks like a giant basket.


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