Co-funded by the European Commission, the $3.9 million (USD) Dustbot project aims to build a moderately-sized robot to navigate the narrow streets that garbage trucks can’t reach.  The pictures were taken from Dustbot’s trial run in Peccioli, Italy. (Pics)


Aside from collecting garbage, the Dustbot can also analyze the quality of the surrounding air. Its sensors can measure the amount of pollutants like sulfur oxide, benzene, ozone, and nitrogen oxide.


The touch screen monitor seems to be a way for users to tell Dustbot the type of garbage that they’re going to give to him – Vetro is Italian for glass, Carta means paper, etc. – so presumably it will have a way of marking or tagging the garbage bags that it collects.  The Dustbot can be “summoned” via text messaging, and that it will be able to “remember” residents using some form of ID.


Right now Dustbot isn’t nimble enough to navigate crowded streets, but that’s not my primary concern.  You can visit dustbot.org for more videos, pics and details.

Via technabob