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Posterchild for “Douchbag of the Year” Award?
A security guard swindled £3,500 benefit money to pay for operations to make himself look like what he considers the devil to look like. Gavin Paslow used the money to fund an operation to give himself a forked tongue, “devil” horns and green eyes.

Paslow, 39 who has changed his name by deedpoll to Diablo Delenfer, which he says means ‘devil from the inferno – said he needed to carry out “body modifications” to look more like the horned one of myth. He took the money while working variously for a security company, two separate recruitment firms and as a self employed guard

The wannabe demon, of Seasalter, near Whitstable, Kent, was this week banned from leaving his house at night – after being slapped with a curfew from 5pm to 5am every day. He was also fitted with an electronic tag.

Prosecutor Mark Hutchings told Cantebury Magistrates Court how Paslow had stolen cash to fund medical procedures. He pleaded guilty to seven offences of failing to promptly notify the Department for Work and Pensions of a change in circumstance that he knew would affect his benefit claims.

Speaking outside court said: “Obviously, there aren’t many people who look like me and some might be a bit taken aback,” he said. “But other people realise I’m an almost normal human being in other ways and the kids love it,” he said.
A source at the Department of Work and Pensions said: “We have heard of people stealing benefit money to pay for all sorts of different costs but this is just something else. I guess this just shows no one is immune for being found out for benefit fraud – even if he resembles the Prince of Darkness.”