Double the weapons double the fun its better than double mint gum

As if those killer drones flying over Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t lethal enough, here comes the next generation: Excalibur. This 13-foot-long prototype is just half-sized; by the time the radio-controlled hovering jet is unleashed on the battlefield, it’ll travel at scary-fast 460mph speeds. The mini-jet drone will carry four Hellfire missiles, twice as many as its Predator drone predecessor.

Check out the way it can take off vertically, eliminating the need for runway. Then it sneaks around in the sky, hanging there and waiting to rain down its murderous destruction anywhere on the globe, 24/7. Get out of the way, bad guys! It’s amazing the way it can fly either upside down or right side up, firing its missiles at will. Someday soon (if not already), human pilots will be unnecessary, and resistance will be futile.