“Fresh” shrinking milk jug

As soon as you open a gallon of milk, it starts to spoil. It’s the air that starts working on it, encouraging all those creepy crawlies to start growing and eating away at the organic material. Pour your milk into this shrinking jug called “Fresh,” and it’ll keep the amount of air in contact with the milk at a bare minimum, because the container collapses along with the amount of milk remaining. (Pics)


This flexible container works like a spring. Push a button on the top and a valve opens, and as you press down on the container, the milk is forced out. As you continue forcing out the milk, the container gets shorter and shorter.


If this clever design concept, an entry in the James Dyson Awards competition, can actually keep milk from spoiling for an extra week as it claims, it deserves to be a winner.





Via Dvice