And I thought teenage drivers were a problem

Most professional truck drivers will tell you that one of the most challenging parts of their job is keeping control of such heavy loads when they need to make a quick stop. Heavy traffic and inconsiderate motorist only compound this frustration. Now, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is planning on making the braking regulations even more strict, which could cause problems for manufacturers in the future.

Currently, the standard calls for all big rigs to be able to stop for 60mph in 335 feet or less. While this standard has been relatively untouched for a while, the NHTSA is looking to introduce a sharp reduction by the beginning of 2012. The new regulation will require trucks to come to a rest in only 225 feet from a 60mph jog.

According to researchers, this decrease in the allowable stopping distance could save 227 lives every year, while also avoiding upwards of 300 traffic accidents that will result in serious injuries. The new standard will not apply to trucks that were produced before 2012, but there are rumors that they may be required to work to improve their braking distances through aftermarket manufacturers.