Visitors to a UK safari park are being warned to look after their luggage, after a pack of baboons learnt how to open car rooftop boxes. (Pics)

Bosses at Knowsley Safari Park say they have now seen several instances of their baboons opening the luggage boxes and rummaging around inside.

The baboons have worked out that it one of them jumps up and down on the case till the lock breaks the others can then flip it open.


As a result, some holiday makers have been forced to sit helplessly as they watched the cheeky monkeys grab their belongings – including hats, shoes and even dirty underwear – before waving them around in their enclosure.

Safari Park General Manager, David Ross, said: “When the first luggage box was broken into we didn’t really take an awful lot of notice – we just thought it was a one-off incident with a faulty box or lock.


“However, when the problem kept happening, it quickly became clear that the baboons had acquired an unfortunate new skill.

“Their technique involves the largest baboons jumping up and down on the box, flexing it until the lock bursts open, when the rest of the baboons pile in to see what they can find.

“Obviously, we’re well used to them helping themselves to the odd wing mirror or wiper blade, but this has taken things to a whole new level. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see a baboon running up a tree with their underwear.


“For this reason, we now issue a warning to all visitors with luggage boxes as a matter of course.”

There are currently more than 140 baboons at the safari park … and they now have quite a selection of stolen clothing.

Via newslite