Eneloop Portable Solar

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces that it is further expanding its highly acclaimed ‘eneloop universe’, a product series emphasizing a lifestyle valuing reusing resources, with stylish and trendy new products to be released this fall: the ‘eneloop portable solar’, a handy ready-to-use solar power generator. (Pics)


1. Equipped with SANYO’s patented, highly efficient ‘HIT solar cell*2’, the portable solar device is ready to generate power from the sun anywhere

Equipped with the highly efficient ‘HIT solar cell*2’, installed as solar modules or panels on roofs worldwide, ‘eneloop portable solar’ provides 100% clean solar energy as the source of power for a number of mobile devices.



Being compact, it is easy to carry, enabling solar power generation anywhere and anytime. With the provided hook, ‘eneloop portable solar’ can easily be attached to a window pane*3. With two types to choose from, ‘eneloop portable solar’ can meet specific charging needs, offering both a single HIT solar panel type for simple charging needs and a twin HIT solar panel type with higher power generation capacity to provide more power when needed.

2. Capture and store solar energy in the ‘eneloop mobile booster’, a portable battery capable of recharging portable devices on the go

To capture the energy converted from sunlight, the ‘eneloop portable solar’ comes with an ‘eneloop mobile booster’ (KBC-L3A) which stores the energy to an internal lithium-ion battery via a USB power port. Once charged, the energy stored can be used to charge cell phones, portable gaming devices, as well as audio devices from its outgoing USB power ports. By keeping the ‘eneloop mobile booster’ charged from the clean power provided by the sun, power can be provided to USB-powered portable devices on a daily basis, or in times of emergency.


After approximately one hour of generating solar power under fair-weather conditions, the twin version of the ‘eneloop portable solar’ (SSL-SBWL3AS) can charge a USB-charge enabled cell phone enough to continuously talk for approx. 40 minutes*4, for the single panel version of the ‘eneloop portable solar’, the same amount of generating time yields approximately 20 minutes of talk time on the cell phone, perfect for emergency or daily talking conditions.

3. Fitted with handy mesh pocket to keep portable devices near

Providing enough room to carry a mobile device such as a cell phone, portable gaming device or an audio device, the ‘eneloop portable solar’ comes with a mesh pocket attached to the back of the panel body.


Via Sanyo