Rome, Toulouse and Munich practice Architecture and Vision have designed a pod-like mobile living room with a Carrara marble shell. (Pics)


Called MercuryHouseOne, the project will be presented in Venice in September.


It is intended to be easily moved to different locations, including urban and rural sites. The interior can be reconfigured for different uses.


Here’s some text from Architecture and Vision:


MercuryHouseOne: at 53rd Biennale of Venice

“MercuryHouseOne” is a habitable unit designed as a mobile lounge, integrating functional and aesthetical considerations. While respecting ecological issues, it is designed to fit both in a natural or urban environment. The exterior shell is made from the finest Carrara marble. The marble is backlit at night, enhancing the form and creating special attention for evening events. The interior can be set up in a variety of configurations to accommodate different uses.


MercuryHouseOne by Architecture and Vision will be presented on September 2, 2009, during the 53rd Art Exhibition, Biennale of Venice, on San Servolo island. MercuryHouseOne is a mobile lounge designed for a modern experience of our natural and urban environments. Drawing inspiration from nature, its shape recalls the beauty and perfection of a water drop. The advanced cabin is realized by the Italian company GVM of Gualtiero Vanelli in Carrara.


The exterior shell is a double curve shape made out of ultralight white Carrara marble. The interior layout can be set up in a range of configurations to accommodate different uses and needs. The latest lighting, video, and sound technologies is used in the habitat in order to create a unique experience inside. The unit is powered by solar cells and is energetically autonomous.


On September 2, during the 53rd Art Exhibition, Biennale of Venice, MercuryHouseOne will be presented on the island of San Servolo in the wonderful scenery of the Venetian lagoon. Representatives of Italian and International cultural, political and economic institutions will attend the event.


Design Team: Architecture and Vision – Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler

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