Now this is the office workers new best friend

There’s still a few weeks of summer left, so it’s not too late to go camping with these HotCans, self-heating containers that automagically heat up a hot dinner on the trail. Just place the can on its uncanny red lid, pop the top, and 12 minutes later you have yourself some steamy beef casserole, sausages and beans (which we affectionately call beans ‘n’ franks here in the States), or vegetable chili.

We dig things that heat themselves up with that super-cool exothermic reaction, such as those self-heating pads that effectively soothe an aching runner’s knees. While the culinary choices within these HotCans leave something to be desired, maybe this is the beginning of a whole new era of stove-less cooking. We’d like to see the containers available by themselves, so we could put our own concoctions inside.

For now, you’ll have to pay $8 for the privilege of eating what might be considered prison food. Yeah, well, who said going back to nature was going to be easy?