stick food 17
1. Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Twinkie On A Stick
It’s a commonly known fact that food is just better when it’s on a stick. It is simply sticky business! So we’ve gone ahead and made a Top 10 list of the best & worst stick foods from around the world.  Perhaps you have seen or even tried some of these delectable treats? Let us know if you have or have seen others that may be even yummier!
stick food 1
2. French Fry Encrusted Hot Dog on a Stick
stick food 10
3. Deep Fried Cheese Burger
stick food 11
4. Pig Intestines on a Stick
stick food 7
5. Deep Fried SPAM on a Stick
stick food 3
6. The Tornado Potato
stick food 2
7. Fried Squid on a Stick
stick food 14
8. Fried Scorpion on a Stick
stick food 5
9. Sea Horses on a Stick
stick food 4
10 . The Butt Pop
Oh, now I am salivating so much I need to get myself some grease on a stick soon! How about you?