Playing Wii this way is crazy to say the least

Who needs a Wii when you can play Half-Life with real guns?

Waterloo Labs is a group of breathlessly enthusiastic engineering nerds in Austin. For their latest project, they rigged up a big screen with accelerometers that sense the position of any impact. They then projected Half-Life onto the screen and hired a shooting instructor to shoot guns at the image. The shooting instructor is so cool he not only wears sunglasses at night, but he wears sunglasses at night when he’s shooting.

The best part of the video is when the lovable engineering nerds decide not to miss out on the fun and take shovels to the screen. They have no illusions about being cool and instead giggle like schoolgirls as they whack away with the shovels. Great job, Waterloo Labs! But next time, if you really want to endear yourselves to us videogaming nerds, bring crowbars instead of shovels.