The nubrella is designed for the 21st century. Nubrella exploits the fundamental limitations of today’s traditional umbrella while introducing a long awaited feature of hands free usage. Nubrella turned to the award winning design firm, Continuum. The result is an eye catching new aerodynamic design that many are saying is simply a better “mousetrap”.


The umbrella was invented some 3000 years ago and has seen no evolution. We continue to rely on the umbrella for protection against all inclement weather conditions until now. Let nubrella be your new item in your arsenal of weather protection gear and “stay outdoors”!


With its new aerodynamic oval design with extended coverage wind now flows over and around the canopy thus completely denying the possibility to invert. No more struggling to maintain your umbrella in the proper position. Simply strap on the shoulder support and walk completely hands free even in significant winds. Also with the extended coverage you will be completely protected from wind chill and extreme cold. You will be amazed on how much warmer you will feel while using your nubrella.

With its sleek futuristic oval design, nubrella will be seen as the new “must have” fashion accessory around the world. Nubrella has removed the pole from the middle so now you can be in the best position for maximum coverage. Again, with this new revolutionary sleek design, say goodbye to the “bobbing” effect on the busy sidewalks of metroplitan cities.

Easy to use
Just push the button and pull the handle towards you and nubrella will simply “pop” open. With nubrella’s patent pending “shoulder supports” nubrella simply rests on your shoulders and can be held with one finger. With nubrella’s clear transparent material there is no more need to tilt your umbrella down and quickly back up to see while fighting the elements. Just walk straight away and see where you are walking all of the time.


The nubrella promise: “it can not and will not invert in any wind”

More extended coverage keeping you drier all the time.

Nubrella blocks windchill!

A far safer and more reliable product! No more sharp points, poles or rods

Can be used completely hands free! Even in significant winds.

Via Nubrella