When United Airlines workers destroyed Dave Carroll’s guitar in 2008, he tried everything to get fair compensation. After being denied, he promised that he would write three songs and post them onto YouTube.


The result was that United Breaks Guitars, the first song, became a viral sensation. It surpassed 3 million views in 10 days and is now just shy of 5 million. It was social media in action, as United immediately contacted him and told him that they were taking the lesson to heart and offered compensation, albeit too late.

The sage now continues. Yesterday, Carroll and his band launched the promised second music video, United Breaks Guitars Song 2.

Unlike the original, Song 2 has a lighter, more upbeat tone and focuses on the famous Ms. Earlwig, asking her and United to “come to [their] senses, accept the consequences,” because then they could become “best buddies.” We think that the lighter tone is meant to strike a more concilliatory tone with United. After all, they did reach out to him.

In one day, Song 2 has already racked up 24,000 views and is on track to become a popular music video in its own right. It’s just another example of the power of YouTube and social media. It has empowered the customer in ways never before possible.

Via Mashable