Could you handle this adorable creature as your pet?

Tamarins are considered highly endangered in the wild yet they are an increasingly popular pet amongst those who wish to purchase a NHP (Non-Human Primate).

Do you want to help save the Tamarins? Why not adopt one as a pet? Here’s the pros and cons:

tamarin 123

Captive bred Tamarins can be hugely rewarding pets and can form a real bond with their owner that will be cherished for many years. The rewards of owning one can be manifold. The real question is not whether this is the right pet for you. The real question is whether or not you are the right owner.

Another option you may want to consider is contributing financially towards a program that is helping to preserve the species and its wild habitat.  You could consider that by keeping one as a pet you are helping to preserve the species – and you are, in captivity.  Try to help your buddy’s buddies in the wild, too, if you can.


via Neatorama