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A sobering lo-cal beer.
A few days ago a friend brought home a case of MGD 64. After a round of sampling we realized something unique about the beverage. Nowhere on the label does it talk about alcohol content. This highly advertised lo cal beer tastes about like you would expect such a product to taste so we aren’t gonna worry about that, but we kept wondering how they get around not putting the the booze content on the packaging. With only 64 calories to contend with one expects the alcohol content to be low, but just how low does it go?
Thankfully the fine folks over at Alcohol Contents dot com have done the research for us…
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The answer is 2.8% alcohol. Although this is a great beer to drink when you are watching your weight, you should at least be aware how small the buzz will be for the cash outlay involved.
The other low buzz beers that contain less alcohol than the MGD 64 (and not including “non-alcoholic” beers) are as follows:
Carlsburg Light   2.7
Lindemans Pecheresse   2.5
Molson Light
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol  
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