earthquake dog 1

Ready to rumble!

It’s the latest thing for the paranoid pet owner: an earthquake survival kit for cats and dogs.

Animal lovers living in earthquake-prone regions can now buy special kits to ensure the survival of their most cherished pets should the earth begin the tremble.

Manufacturers Oyagokoro, from Japan, have released three types of earthquake packs for dogs and cats of different sizes.

earthquake cat 1

Now THAT looks like a happy pussy.

In the case of an emergency, pet-owners can relax. The kit contains a padded jacket and rain hat, special boots to protect paws, and aromatherapy oil to soothe stressed out cats and dogs.

Also included in the pack – which doubles as a carry case for smaller pets – is a waterproof ID capsule with the animal’s details and a bell should they become lost in rubble.

Food, water and bowls for feeding and a muzzle to prevent spooked pets from biting rescuers also feature.

via Arbroath