BioLogic FreeCharge

Apple devices are getting quite a bit of attention when it comes to renewable energy lately. Just yesterday we showed you the new solar power skin that is coming out later this month. But if you’re needing a charge on a cloudy day, there’s a solution coming out in a few months – you’ll be able to hook your phone up to your bike and pedal your way to a full battery.


Bike Hugger (um..we *really* like that name for a blog) pointed out this great charger coming out next March. It’s the BioLogic FreeCharge from Dahon and it can charge iPhones, GPS units or other gadgets with USB connections.

The device is fairly standard from what we’ve seen on bike chargers before. There’s a generator hub, and a high-capacity battery, and a USB dock for your device. Three hours of pedaling will get you a full battery, or you can run the device as you pedal, perfect for plugging in and using GPS to find your way around town.

Dahon will have the device come standard on two bike models, but by next March, you’ll be able to pick up a unit for about $99.

Via Treehugger