Timelapse – Los Angeles Wildfire

When a brush fire started near a ranger station in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles on August 26, no one would have guessed that over a week later, smoke would still be spewing over the city. The Station Fire has claimed 148,000 acres in Angeles National Forest, as well as the lives of two firefighters, making it the largest fire in Los Angeles history (and to make matters worse, an arson investigation is now underway). The billowing mushroom-like clouds of smoke that puffed up over the city those first few days made for a stunning backdrop for local filmmakers who captured nature’s fury in a flurry of timelapse videos. Here are five of the most stunning. (Videos) 

Dan Blank’s was shot through the thick layer of smoke in the Valley, and is set to a cinematic Brian Eno song.



Shot by willieworks on Mulholland Drive, just south of Universal Studios, this video shows just how much land the fire covers.

Eric Spiegelman’s video was one of the first to make the rounds. He also made a nighttime version with the eerie glow of flames.


Watch in this video as the flames zig zag up the ridge, then seem to consume the entire mountain.


Brandon Riza’s footage is shot from several perspectives throughout the day, making Los Angeles’ mountains look like one big steaming, smoking volcano.

As of this morning, the fire was 42% contained. Here’s to some cooler temperatures to help firefighters get the blaze under control over the long weekend.

Via Fast Company