Design Q concept airline seating

A British design company says it is working on plans for new sideways, staggered seating on airplanes as a cost-cutting option for airlines to maximize the number of passengers on board. 


Are you an airline that wants to offer high-density configurations on short-haul flights but doesn’t want the media circus – and logistical headaches – of installing/certifying vertical seats? Well then premier UK-based consultancy Design Q may just have the answer for you.

The company, which was instrumental in the design of Virgin Atlantic’s acclaimed “Upper Class” seats, envisages a solution that entails a row of inward facing seats on each side of the aircraft plus two back-to-back rows down the middle resulting in a configuration whereby passengers are facing each other.

Design Q’s preliminary image, revealed to the world for the first time by Flight International and Runway Girl, “shows a generous gap between each of the seats, which could be reduced, but the centre seats are staggered to coincide with the gaps on the outboard seats”, says Design Q co-founder Howard Guy.

Now, I know what you may be thinking – this looks not unlike the inside of an aircraft troop carrier. The new bit, of course, is that Design Q would be putting a back-to-back seat row down the middle “and of course we’re looking at it from a commercial point of view”, says Guy.


Military troop seats

But if this general type of configuration is okay for the military, then why not for Joe Blow?

Via Flightglobal