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The New Hairy Solar Panel

A new type of solar panel using human hair could provide the world with cheap, green electricity, believes its teenage inventor.

Milan Karki, 18, who comes from a village in rural Nepal, believes he has found the solution to the developing world’s energy needs.

The young inventor says hair is easy to use as a conductor in solar panels and could revolutionise renewable energy.


Close shave:  Milan (second from right) demonstrates his
solar panel in a tiny barber shop in Kathmandu

‘First I wanted to provide electricity for my home, then my village. Now I am thinking for the whole world,’ said Milan, who attends school in the capital, Kathmandu.

The hair replaces silicon, a pricey component typically used in solar panels, and means the panels can be produced at a low cost for those with no access to power, he explained.

Milan and four classmates initially made the solar panel as an experiment but the teens are convinced it has wide applicability and commercial viability.

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Hair today: A detailed shot shows the human hair used as an alternative to silicone

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Cost effective: The solar-hair panel is estimated to be four times cheaper than an industrial made solar panel of comparable capacity

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It’s got the power: A digital multimeter shows the voltage generated by the innovative panel

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