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Mobile phones may have become ubiquitous in rural areas of India and popular among farmers. But electromagnetic radiation emanating from them may be stunting the growth of agricultural crops and plants, preliminary research has revealed.

Studies carried out at Panjab University, Chandigarh, suggest that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cell phones could choke seeds, affect germination and early growth. This is said to be the first such study on the impact of EMF radiation on seeds.

The researchers germinated moong dal (Phaseolus aureus) seeds in a closed chamber in which two cell phones were kept on talk mode.

The results were surprising – they indicated that the radiation emitted from the cell phones inhibited germination and early growth of the pulse. The germination of the seeds exposed to two and four hours of cell phone radiation reduced by 18 and 30 per cent respectively, compared to seeds that were not exposed to any radiation.

Likewise, root and shoot lengths also showed a significant reduction in the seedlings emerging from cell phone-exposed seeds. The inhibitory effect of the electromagnetic radiation was greater on root growth than on shoot growth. The researchers found similar stunted growth for wheat seeds as well, in earlier studies.

“Our study has shown that cell phone radiation inhibited root growth by affecting respiration of the root and excessive leakage of ions (charged particles),” said Ravinder Kumar Kohli of the botany department of the university. He is one of the authors of the upcoming research paper. “The observed reduction in germination and early growth of moong upon exposure to cell phone radiation is being reported for the first time.” Radiation increases ion leakage and ultimately causes breakage of cell membranes, the scientists explained. It causes certain oxidative stress, which naturally occurring anti- oxidant enzymes could not protect.

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