Mothers with children at home are more likely to use social media than any other average person, according to a national study released Wednesday.

The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association study showed that more than 60 percent of stay-at-home moms are more likely to use Facebook, more than 42 percent are more likely to use MySpace and nearly 17 percent are more likely to use Twitter. That’s compared to average adults – 50 percent of which use Facebook, 34 percent that use MySpace and 15 percent that use Twitter.


The findings show retailers what advertising and marketing opportunities can be found on the Internet and within social media sites.

“Retailers who aren’t engaging customers through social media could be missing the boat,” said Mike Gatti, executive director for RAMA. “Twitter, Facebook and blogs are becoming increasingly popular with moms as they search for coupons or deals and keep in touch with loved ones. The web provides efficient, convenient ways for brands to stay in front of their most loyal shoppers and attract new ones.”

Nearly 94 percent of the moms surveyed said they seek advice before buying products or services and more than 97 percent said they give advice on products or services purchased.

The study also mapped where moms like to shop for their clothes and their children’s clothes. Nearly 33 percent prefer department stores for their clothes and more than 23 percent prefer specialty stores. Nearly 31 percent like discount stores for children’s clothes, while 20 percent said department stores and nearly 18 percent said specialty apparel stores.

Via Denver Business Journal