My eBay – selling: one jetpack. One careful owner. Easy to control. Ejector-seat-equipped Aston Martin and secret underground lair sold separately. Serious bids only.  The Martin Jetpack – technically a ducted fan pack, rather than a true jetpack – is the brainchild of New Zealand engineer Glenn Martin.


Having unveiled his new toy at the recent AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Mr Martin is seeking to bring it to a bigger audience. So he has put the chance to become the first outside the development team to fly it up for sale on eBay.


At a starting bid of $30,000 (£18,400) for six flights, it is not cheap. Furthermore, while Mr Martin claims that the 200-horsepower machine could reach heights of 8,000 feet, the test flights will initially be limited to a less impressive ceiling of three to four feet at a maximum speed of 6mph.

On the plus side, almost anyone can fly. The bidding is open to anyone over 18 who holds a current driver’s licence and weighs less than 90kg (14.1 stone). The company says it is “a flight system where we can bring almost anybody in and, with just a small amount of training, they can be flying the Martin Jetpack with high levels of confidence and safety.”

“This is your chance to make aviation history,” they add. “Your own ‘Wright brothers’ moment.”

At the time of writing there has been one bid, for $30,000, with less than three days to go until the auction ends.

Via Telegraph