A new view on pool

Playing pool (or billiards if you prefer) is such a great game. Where else can expert players show off their physical strength, skill, and finesse, all on the confines of a felt covered slate table? And speaking of pool – although they all come in many different styles and sizes, once you own one, unfortunately it isn’t the kind of item you can change the appearance of at a moment’s notice. Unless, that is, you owned this sweet projector pool table system…

Created by the video display magicians over at Obscura Digital, the Obscura Cuelight System hangs over a pool table and lets owners display varying images onto the cloth below. But this isn’t just some simple projector that displays static images. The system also includes a set of sensors that track the movements of the billiard balls on the table and surrounds them with special animation effects as they sit or roll around. In the case of the video example, the balls appear to be surrounded by water that reveals a hidden image underneath, but I also understand the animation can be changed to show flames around the billiard balls as well.

However, as great as the Obscura Cuelight System is for you pool table owners, it also comes with a very expensive price tag. But if you can afford shoveling out $80,000 for this pricey pool table accessory, you will be guaranteed to have the most awesome pool table in your neighborhood. That is until your neighbor buys one too.

Read more at Obscura Digital, found via Geek dot com