Web surfers in the U.S. are spending about three times as much of their online time on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and blog sites as they did a year ago, according to a new report from The Nielsen Co.


The time spent by Americans on social networking went from 6 percent of all time last August on the Internet to about 17 percent last month, the report shows.

Advertising spending on social networking sites and blogs more than doubled despite the recession, going from about $49 million in August 2008 to about $108 million in August 2009

Ad spending on entertainment blogs and social networking sites grew the most, up 812 percent, with travel sites showing the second highest rate of growth at 364 percent. Spending on business-to-business sites grew 184 percent to $1.9 billion at a time when such spending fell by 8 percent elsewhere on the Internet.

Via Denver Business Journal