Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

For much of human history, and still in many indigenous cultures, the common method of removing mucus from children’s noses has been to directly suck it out. There is a certain wisdom in this, but most of us are not so adventurous – and rightly so. Now, there is a physician-endorsed method of naturally and effectively clearing your child’s nose using this traditional approach, yet without the unpleasantness and hazard of exposure to mucus and germs. The BabyComfyNose is hygienic and safe for parent and child. You will not catch your child’s cold using the BabyComfyNose!


How does the BabyComfyNose Work? The BCN uses your own suction to remove mucus from your baby’s nose. Be assured, however, that the design of the BabyComfyNose eliminates any possibility of oral contact with mucus and germs. Mucus is pulled into the receptacle body and is isolated there.

Will I catch my baby’s cold from the BabyComfyNose? This is a common question and the answer is … no.
Mucus and germs that are suctioned out of your baby’s nose remain at the bottom of the receptacle. The BCN protects you in two ways: Firstly, because the body is wider (like an egg in the middle), air velocity is reduced in the center of the receptacle. This creates a ‘break’, where air flow is insufficient to pull heavier mucus droplets up to the suction tube. This effect has been confirmed by independent testing. The second way that the BCN protects you is that lightly-wadded tissue inserted into the body of the unit functions as an excellent, cost-effective, and disposable filter.

The BCN design has been extensively tested in real life conditions and oral contact with mucus and germs simply will not occur. The design effectively prevents this from happening.

Why is the BabyComfyNose better than bulbs or battery operated aspirators? Bulb aspirators require several cycles of squeezing the bulb, insertion into the baby’s nose and releasing the bulb. Not only is this difficult to do and can actually cause injury to the child, but bulb aspirators do not generate enough suction and therefore are not very effective. Battery operated devices also typically do not generate enough suction to be effective. With the BabyComfyNose you can generate greater and more continuous suction. And since you are the one generating suction rather than a bulb or a motor, you will know just how much suction is required. The BabyComfyNose really works!

How do I wash the BabyComfyNose? Fully disassemble and place in the dishwasher or use warm soapy water. The BabyComfyNose is dishwasher safe. Occasionally pour rubbing alcohol into the flexible tubing to sterilize. Allow the alcohol to evaporate before use.

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