It may be time for men to split the contraceptive burden with women, for Scottish scientists have come up with a new ‘Pill’ that drastically reduces sperm count in men.  Professor Richard Anderson, from Edinburgh University, is on the look out for men willing to try the revolutionary hormone injections, containing progesterone and testosterone, to be given in the bum every two months.


The researcher believes that the contraceptive treatment works better than condoms, and is as effective as the female Pill.

“If this trial is successful I imagine there would be interest in looking at marketing the injection as a male contraceptive,” the Sun quoted Anderson as saying.

“The surveys we have done have been very positive – and particularly positive from women. A lot of women who have taken on the reproductive and contraceptive burden think it’s maybe time men took their turn.

“Even if not all men would be keen on an injection, there would definitely be a market to make such a treatment available,” he added.

Anderson further said that no serious side-effects had been predicted from the year-long trial, run by the World Health Organisation. The effects of the injections were also assured to be fully reversible.

A spokesman from the Family Planning Association said: “It is important that research continues to try to give men more contraceptive choice. But it is crucial that any new contraceptive is rigorously tested to make sure that it is incredibly safe and effective.”

Via Times of India