Featured invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

The Reciprotating™ Combustion Engine is an innovative motor design that provides significant improvements in overall efficiency over the traditional internal combustion engine (Otto cycle). These improvements are described in and protected by pending domestic and international patents. The Engine creates a source of direct hydraulic pressure that can be stored and utilized to perform any engine-driven work.

The Reciprotating Internal Combustion Engine from Hoyt Engine Alternative cleanly and economically produces hydraulic fluid power that can be stored or utilized to perform any traditionally engine-driven work, including powering heavy earthmoving equipment and the full range of road-going vehicles.

A wide variety of fuel types can be accommodated in this intriguing, potentially disruptive engine technology designed as a tightly packaged free-piston (compression ignition) power unit that fully accommodates, complements, and enhances emerging Hydraulic Hybrid system designs, affording staggeringly high performance potential yet, when driven reasonably, yields fuel efficiencies equivalent to about 100 MPG in a full-sized passenger car or utility vehicle.

Via Hoyt Engine Alternative Technologies