Featured Invention at the Colorado inventor Showcase 2009
An exercise device design to make your chin firm and youthful looking. Retightens neck muscles with regular use. Fast and easy, and very affordable. The best part is you don’t have to join a gym or even change your clothes. Use ChinUp at your computer, watching TV, or put on your nightstand. There’s no sweating, so it can be done a couple of minutes anytime of the day or night.


Call it a double chin, jowls or wisdom lines, its all the same, a sure giveaway of your age.  One of the most difficult parts of the body to tone and the first thing you see!


ChinUp is designed for those jawline problems that plague us all. ChinUp is easy to use and produces results that are remarkable!!!

This area of the body needs to be exercised to keep the neck & jawline from becoming saggy. ChinUp is so easy that with just a few minutes a day you can make a dramatic change in your appearance.

Via Colorado Inventor Showcase