Breathe, Wheeze and Measure.

An asthma sufferer myself, I’ve long known the ghostly sensation of an invisible hand reaching through my breastplate to ethereally squeeze my lungs until I turn into a purple faced goblin. In the manner of many asthma sufferers, I like bragging about my attacks, and comparing them to the supposed attacks of my asthmatic peers.

But how best to quantify the severity of my asthma, so best to dismiss the discomfort of others? KarmelSonix Ltd, a medical device company consisting of a joint partnership between Israel and Australia, have designed a device for just such a purpose: a wheeze detector for quantifying asthma, allergy and emphysema symptoms.

Its operating method is simplicity itself. If you find yourself having an attack, you simply breathe into the Wheezometer, which then records thirty seconds of breathing, then analyzes and quantifies the wheezing in the audio. You can also scroll through your history to measure improvement or decline.

The press details are rather intriguing. For one, KarmelSonix has trademarked several terms, including the words Wheezometer and the official metric for Wheezing, the WheezeRate.

Even more fascinating to me, the Wheezometer outputs on a simple display that provides a quantification of WheezeRate, measured in a metric referred to as Wz%. That’s simply awesome.

Joking aside, if you’re an asthmatic, or the parent of an asthmatic, the KarmelSonix Wheezometer might well be a valuable tool in quantifying and measuring your asthma attacks, and eliminating the outside instigators of those attacks in pursuit of a better life.

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