Featured at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

FunRide is a unique car sharing service that uses alternative fuel vehicles, offering members and visitors the opportunity to reduce their transportation costs.


FunRide allows you to use a vehicle with no car payment, insurance payment, repair costs or fuel cost. FunRide vehicles are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The vehicles are parked at convenient locations called pods. By registering with FunRide, you will be able to reserve any of their vehicles.


FunRide members receive access to alternative fuel cars (electric, biodiesel, flex fuel, and natural gas) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once registered, members reserve the use of vehicles on an hourly basis.

Benefits of FunRide:

  • Commuters can use FunRide for errands during the day
  • Businesses, universities, and governmental agencies can reduce their fleet of vehicles by offering FunRide transportation to their employees
  • Visitors can save money by renting a FunRide vehicle for only the hours they need versus the high daily and weekly rates of traditional rental cars
  • Neighborhoods can share a FunRide vehicle to reduce their need to own a second car
  • FunRide members have the opportunity to test market different alternative fuel vehicles without the expense of buying the vehicle

Via funride