Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

The Rocky Mountain Imaging mobile scanner is a portable and versatile scanning solution that simply and quickly converts photos, images, and pages to digital.  Battery power, SD card memory, and compact design enables scanning anywhere and anytime.  The detachable lid allows one-of-a-kind heirloom photos to be safely and accurately captured by keeping them in their original position in the photo album.  The mobile scanner includes creative projects software and links to online projects, how to guides, and social networking.



Sarah: “I love scrapbooking and my portable scanner and printer are perfect putting together creative memories at my kitchen table. I scan the pictures I want and then save them to the scanner’s card. Then I pop out the card and use it to print the pictures on my portable printer. I can cut up the new copies anyway I like and print out new ones if I need to.”


Mike: “I’m working on a term paper for class and I take my portable scanner with me to capture information at the library. I scan the tidbits of information I need from the books and it save the scanner’s card. When I get back home, I can pop the card into my PC. It’s great not to have to lug books around or waste time typing up notes.”

Manuel: “My mom has lots of old pictures that are starting to deteriorate. I take my portable scanner with me to her house and scan a few photos every time I visit. I store them on the scanner’s card, and that allows me to show them at home on my TV or put them on my cell phone or i-phone to share with my friends.”

Via Rocky Mountain Imaging