Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Sculpture Brick is the newest veneer application process on the market today. Over the past 30 years this product has been developed into what is now patented versatile mortar enhancement process that simulates the appearance and texture of brick, but at up to half the cost. It can provide you with a “value engineering ” option that can save thousands of dollars when compared to traditional brick.


Sculpture Brick™ is the first innovation in brick application in 100 years!


  The Sculpture Brick™ product system can be applied to any inside or outside vertical wall. Sculpture Brick™ is the cost effective way to add beauty and value to commercial as well as residential structures.

  The patented Sculpture Brick™ application process starts by removing any vinyl or wood siding (outside application) to be treated. The next step requires a application of multiple mortar layers of Sculpture Brick™ Custom Mortar Blend. The Sculpture Brick™ system is completed by the use of the patented Sculpture Brick™ Sculpting Tool that is used to create the brick pattern design.


Experience the benefits of using Sculpture Brick™!

• Easy 3 step application process!
• Endless creative applications.
• Environmentally friendly.
• 20 Year Warranty
• Costs less than traditional formed brick!

Sculpture Brick™ allows you to experience a beautiful brick application for a cost you never imagined. Additionally, for those who may be remodeling, you can create a brick appearance in an older building structure in places where you never before believed feasible. Because Sculpture Brick™ does not have any of the load bearing limitations of traditional formed brick.

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