TXTBlocker is a software and online service combo which locks off a registered mobile phone from making or receiving text messages or calls while in a car. It uses cell and GPS data to determine location and speed and decide whether the phone is actually in a car, and once it thinks it is, boom, the service is automatically limited.


It doesn’t jam the phone in the traditional sense, so the subscriber can use the online dashboard to set up a whitelist of emergency numbers to keep open, which is reassuring. There’s also a passenger mode, for when the phone carrier is not driving, but again it’s subscriber allowable, so if the parents don’t trust you, you’re SMS toast in any vehicle. Which leads to one possible problem. What happens if you’re on a train or bus?

Oh and it can also be set up to block any calls or SMS in classrooms. Hah, gotcha, ya little tykes.

It’s currently compatible with Blackberry and Windows mobile phone platforms, with more on the way. Priced from $9.99 a month plus a $24.99 set up fee.

What happens to my text messages, e-mails and phone calls when TXTBlocker is active? a. Text messages and e-mails are kept in the phone’s database until the phone is in a ‘safe’ state. An automatic TXT message is sent as a reply to senders to let them know that TXTBlocker is active and that you will receive their message once you are clear to communicate safely.Phone calls are sent to voicemail. We suggest updating your voicemail to let callers know that you have TXTBlocker, which doesn’t allow phone calls while driving or at certain locations. When a call is missed and TXTBlocker is active, aAn automatic TXT message is sent to the caller’s phone number caller to let them know that TXT Blocker is active.

Via Red Ferret