Featured Product at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

WebRecept™ is a proactive, web-based, customer relations management service that provides live website chat interaction and site monitoring through trained, qualified agents that increase your company’s online sales conversions by engaging visitors and building personal relationships from your website.


It is estimated that over 90% of website visitors leave anonymously within 2 minutes of entering a web site. What if live chat could engage with 10% to 15% more of these lost opportunities, what value would that bring to your business?

Live chat on web sites is fast growing in popularity with online customers. Why? Because it provides the same effect as walking into a retail store and having their staff person greet you.

Now, instead of waiting for a visitor to click on a button and ask for help, our Web Receptionist’s detect the visitor’s presence on your website and initiate a real-time conversation.

WebRecept™ helps any business utilize the tools they have, and work smarter. We will implement a quality outsource relationship to help your business succeed in growing online revenues at a minimal cost.

The distinct advantage of choosing WebRecept™ as a partner lies in our ready-made infrastructure that includes a fully staffed Contact Center, with the ability to implement our services without delay and in a sustainable manner.

WebRecept™ aims to guide customers toward better and more complete answers fast, through custom training that supports your ongoing marketing investment, company brand and mission statement.

WebRecept™ provides communication flow which is vital to growing and differentiating market positions – while catering to an ever-increasing global audience.

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