Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Environmentally-friendly mobile power generation has arrived. SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power Systems provide pure, consistent electricity for all types of commercial, industrial and emergency applications — wherever and whenever needed. Categorically clean, absolutely silent and far more economical than comparable diesel generators over the long term, SolaRover systems offer today’s best investments in portable power generators. With unparalleled engineering, leading-edge components, rugged steel construction and a variety of practical options, SolaRover sets the benchmark high.


Solar Vs. Diesel

Fossil-fuel based electricity production causes more damage to the environment than any other single human activity.  Solar power is cleaner, quieter and more sustainable.  But is it affordable?  SolaRover offers a compelling case against diesel when you consider the long term costs, the capital expenditure for a SolaRover Mobile Solar Power System remains fixed, while ongoing incremental costs for the fuel and maintenance required by fossil fuel powered mechanical generators continue to accrue.

Easy, Rapid Deployment

  • Standard towing hitch; no special permits required
  • One-person set-up; just minutes to plug ‘n power
  • Sustainable Design
  • Sustainable Design

  • Zero emissions and fumes; eco-conscious batteries
  • Noiseless operation
  • Streamlined for minimal wind drag during transport
  • Reliable and Rugged

  • Premium, warrantied UL and IEC certified solar components
  • 24×7 power option
  • As low as 30% sunlight yields 60% charge
  • Ruggedized for harsh terrain and severe weather conditions
  • Via SolaRover