Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Firefly Medical’s debut product, the “Infusion Management System” or IMS, is a stunning and dramatic departure from all inspirations which have gone before it. The IMS is clearly a disruptive, new product catagory. It is not an evolution in patient care, but a revolution instead.


“The ‘Infusion Management System,’ or IMS, is a disruptive new product category designed to replace the outdated and unsafe IV pole.  The design of the IMS offers a high value proposition to hospitals, providing improved patient and caregiver safety, reduced patient falls, versatile function, excellent mobility, and compact storage.”


The sleek features and innovative functions of the IMS heralds new opportunities for patient safety, transport, and mobility. Cutting edge engineering gives the versatile IMS three storage options when it is not in use.

product view

The IMS’s strong value proposition focuses on improving patient and caregiver safety, reducing operating costs and liabilities, decreasing caregiver’s workload and wasted time, and resolving expensive and outdated storage problems. The bold design of the IMS heralds a new opportunity for valuable branding potential, setting clear standards for Firefly Medical’s product roadmap to follow it.

Via Firefly Medical