LED Eyelashes

False eyelashes not getting you enough attention? LED Eyelashes from Korean designer Soomi Park will have you turning heads so fast you might be sued for causing whiplash.  (Video)

You know, it’s easy to say women will do almost anything for the sake of fashion but Soomi Park’s startling LED Eyelashes aren’t just another ploy to grab dames’ dollars. By using women as his template, however, Park and designers like him have a ready-made base of attraction upon which to place creations that might seem merely bizarre on their own.

OK, that’s my take on this latest foray into freaked out fashion. Let’s get to the LED Eyelashes themselves. First off, there’s no price tag attached to Soomi’s so-called LED Eyelash project which has been “brought into the world to find an answer to this simple question: Why do women want larger and bigger eyes?” Good luck with that, Soomi, you’re not the first to try and understand the feminine mystique and you won’t be the last. Perhaps a better question would be, “Why would women want to  shackle electric lights to their eyelids, potentially blinding themselves with each flirtatious wink?”


The above video features a model demonstrating the LED Eyelashes on some Korean street that, if the reactions of the passersby are any indication, has already seen everything there is to be seen.

How do the LED Eyelashes work? They’re actually quite complex; not really a selling point but I digress. Thin wires run back from each lash along the wearer’s temples to a combination power source and mercury switch.

LED eyelashes

Yes, mercury switch – like the ones they used to use in old thermostats before the dangers of mercury were made known. Er, ahem. Anyway, the nodding motion of the wearer’s head jiggles the globule of mercury in the switch, thereby inducing the LED lights embedded in the lashes to turn on and off.

I’d imagine this would be somewhat distracting to the wearer, like being constantly accosted by a posse of paparazzi. Then again, isn’t that something that would have great appeal to those in search of fame?

Via Inventor Spot