Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

TelePresence Tech offers 3D TelePresence solutions designed to offer an enhanced communication experience for either corporate communications, or customer service applications.  3D TelePresence delivers aligned eye contact and a life-size, three dimensional sense of presence.


Eye Contact

TelePresence Tech systems align the camera at the eye level of the participants through the usage of a patented display system incorporating a beamsplitter. Competitors’ systems that place the camera outside of the image area are not capable of achieving this alignment and therefore do not have true eye contact.


3D Life-Size Sense of Presence

This is not another flat screen telepresence format. TelePresence Tech achieves true depth without the usage of 3D glasses by generating a life-size image of the transmitted participants that appears physically in front of a backdrop. The 3D TelePresence systems deliver an astonishing sense of presence within the three dimensional setting of the room for natural communication.

2D at the Flip of a Switch

By simply switching off the three dimensional background illumination the TelePresence Tech systems accept all incoming video conference communication for display at the full screen size as a flat image. The outgoing transmission to the location with standard video conference equipment will see the improved perception of eye contact from the TelePresence Tech system.
Interoperability With All Codecs

All of the TelePresence Tech systems are universal to accept cameras and codecs from the major manufacturers. In this way the TelePresence Tech systems can meet international standards for communication with all video conference systems globally.

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