Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

The Worlds First “Personal Loyalty Program” designed for the Social Media generation. With a free Loyal2.Me account you have the power to make businesses be Loyal to you instead expecting Loyalty from you. You get VIP deals on your favorite products and services from the Businesses you invite into your program. Since you control who joins your program you only hear about the products and services you want and ONLY when you want them. Loyal2.Me completely disrupts how businesses interact with their best customers.


  • “Loyal2.Me” is YOUR Free/Private Personal Loyalty Program
  • YOU INVITE your Favorite Businesses to your Exclusive Program.
  • ADD/REMOVE Businesses from your program at any time.
  • YOU CONTROL WHEN/HOW Businesses send you Personalized Offers.
  • BUSINESSES are Loyal TO YOU instead of expecting Loyalty FROM you.

Join the Loyal2.Me Revolution at http://beta.Loyal2.Me

Via Liquid Media Software