Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Seamount Solar is a product that augments a clean-powered hydrogen-transmitted energy system by making ultra-pure water, in quantity, from saline or polluted water evaporated and collected by solar power and condensed by the cooler non-potable source.  Hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolysis burns to power the flow of clean vapor and incinerate toxins so that the system provides for energy storage and transmission and for clean water for a thirsty world.


Pure water vapor from a floating solar-powered  evaporation chamber is sucked through  a condensor,cooled by salty or polluted  water, by burning hydrogen and oxygen  produced  through  electrolysis from a clean  energy source.  The water produced is free even  of micro contaminants and adds another dimension to a hydrogen-based system of carbon-free  energy production, storage, and pipeline transmission.

Via Colorado Inventor Showcase