As if you don’t have enough distractions while driving, the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab and MIT’s SENSEable City Lab have teamed up to create AIDA, a robot that lives in your dashboard, is way smarter than you, and has no compunctions about letting you know it: (Video)



AIDA is actually watching you while you drive, paying attention to your expressions and even measuring your galvanic skin response through the steering wheel. Based on your driving habits, AIDA will suggest how you can be safer or more efficient. The robot is designed to use expressions to intuitively convey information, something that MIT has a lot of experience with. You know who AIDA reminds me of, though?

AIDA may have her dad’s skinny neck and blocky head, but her face is all mom.

I’ll bet you can’t guess who’s helping sponsor this project… Here’s a hint: it’s not Pixar. Yep, it’s Audi. AKA Volkswagen. AKA the robot car company. AIDA was, in fact, developed in partnership with the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab out in Palo Alto. It’s really, I dunno, inspiring or something to see a major car company investing so much in future technology. Next time I buy a new car it might very well be a Volkswagen, especially if it can park itself.

Via Botjunkie